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Dr. Hattie Wright, RDThe Institute for Women’s Health and the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences’ Exercise and Sports Nutrition program hosted Dr. Hattie Wright, RD, who presented on “Nutritional Problems in South Africa and Research at the Centre of Excellence and Nutrition” on September 12. Dr. Hattie Wright is a researcher at the Centre of Excellence for Nutrition, where she heads the sub-program Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. Her research interest lies in the field of physical activity, nutrition, and exercise with a strong focus on woman’s and child health. Dr. Wright currently teaches therapeutic and sports nutrition and has consulted numerous national and international athletes, teams, and coaches including Soccer South Africa, North-West Hockey Academy, Lions Cricket Academy, and North-West University High Performance Institute in South Africa. She has published numerous articles and presented at national and international conferences. She was invited in 2010 to take part in the International Olympic Committee’s Consensus Conference on Nutrition in Sport.

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