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The Exercise and Sports Nutrition Clinic exists to enhance the health and wellbeing of students and community members by providing fitness, nutrition education and testing. TWU is the only division II University nationwide to have an Exercise and Sports Nutrition clinic on site! The staff in the clinic can assist you in setting and achieving your nutrition and fitness related goals. Call today to set up your FREE initial consultation!

Nutrition Packages

Wellness Package $300

Individuals are provided with information regarding their current fitness level and risk profile for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The information can be used to design an appropriate nutrition and/or exercise program or to monitor the progress of a current nutrition/exercise program. The wellness package includes: cardiorespiratory fitness, resting metabolic rate, nutrition assessment, muscular fitness, body composition assessment, and blood glucose and lipid panel.

Weight Management Program $350 

Th Weight Managment program includes the Wellness Package for intial assessments, goal setting, and weekly meetings with professional staff for 10 sessions. Each session is about 15-30 minutes in length.

Nutrition Package $150

The nutrition package includes a one-hour nutrition evaluation, five 30-minute follow-up sessions, and a personalized meal plan.

Individual Nutrition Services 

Nutrition Consultation & Fitness -Free

The nutrition consult helps determine what services are needed to reach your fitness and/or body composition goals.

Nutrition Coaching $50 per session

A registered dietitian or qualified graduate student provides individual sessions to guide clients in making healthier eating choices. Sessions are personalized to assist individuals in reaching personal goals.

Resting Metabolic Rate $75 

Results from the resting metabolic rate evaluation are used to determine caloric needs based on overall fitness and body weight goals. Carbohydrates, protein, fat,  requirements are provided along with an update of current dietary recomendations. 

Blood Glucose/ Lipid Panel $40 

10-12 hours fasting is necessary for the blood draw. Labs are reviewed by clinic staff for evaluation of the current risk for coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Grocery Store Tour $50 

A registered dietitian or qualified graduate student provides guidance for making healthy and budget-friendly options at the local grocery store.

Fitness Packages

Sports Package $200

Athletes and physically active individuals can use the information collected from the package to build a physical profile or benchmark for setting goals. Assessments include: treadmill VO2max test with lactate threshold, nutrition assessment, body composition assessment via DXA.

Cardiovascular Fitness $100

This test determines the participant's maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max). VO2max is considered the "gold standard" for determining an individual's fitness level.The cardiovascular fitness assessment will involve an exercise test performed on a treadmill or cycle ergometer.  Lactate threshold may also be included for an additional cost.  

Bone Density & Body Composition Evaluation $150

Body composition is measured by a dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan, which is considered to be the gold standard for measuring body composition. Results from the test include percent body fat, lean body mass, fat distribution, and total bone mineral density. Hip and spine BMD are also included. *Do not wear metal for this procedure,i.e- button on jeans, zippers, & jewelry. Work out attire is recommended.

Individual Fitness Services

Anaerobic Power Capacity Test $50

Anaerobic power and capacity are assessed by a Wingate cycle ergometer test. Results from the test will include peak power, mean power or capacity, and a fatigue index.

Muscular Fitness $25

The evaluation of muscular fitness involves endurance and flexibility assessments. The test includes push-ups and curl-ups. Flexibility will be determined for the shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings.

Lactate Threshold $30 

Lactate threshold is the accumulation of lactate in the blood during exercise. Lactate threshold can provide an estimation of cardiovascular fitness and anaerobic endurance. It is assessed through the collection of blood from a finger prick during different stages of the cardiorespiratory fitness test.

Body Composition/ Skinfold Measurement $35

Body composition (% body fat and muscle mass) is estimated by this method. The body composition assessment involves the measurement of skinfold thickness at three to seven different body sites. Circumference measurements are also included.

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