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6 Dimensions of Wellness Chart

The definition of wellness, long used by the National Wellness Institute is consistent with these tenants.

Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence.

© 1979 Bill Hettler MD, Cofounder and President of the Board of Directors of the National Wellness Institute


One who accepts theirs and others emotions and feelings and relates to them in a positive and enthusiastic way.


One who stimulates intellectual growth, mental activities, appreciates creativity and shares it with others.


One who works in an environment where you contribute your talents and skills in a meaningful, rewarding and gratifying way.


One who understands and practices physical activity, eating balanced meals and avoiding harmful practices.


One who contributes to the environment and community, improve personal relationships and meaningful friendships.


One who is in a peaceful harmony with in one’s self through their path of life.

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