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Are you ready to Make the Move?
The nation’s first U.S. Physical Activity Plan (the Plan) is not one that will sit on the shelf! The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) has convened leading national organizations to focus collective action around implementing strategies within the Plan.
Make the Move 2010-11- Implementation of the U.S. Physical Activity Plan provides measurable outcomes and objectives for change, valuable resources, and stories of success to advance physical activity related to the Plan.

Powered by Nxtbook Media LLC ™, Make the Move is a digital publication that provides added value through the use of the following navigational and research efficiencies:

  • Turn pages with the click of a mouse.
  • View pages in a variety of sizes and formats.
  • Access resources and Web sites through live embedded hyperlinks.
  • Quickly locate what you are looking for through a “word search” feature.
  • Save material for future reference through the “bookmark” and sticky note features.
  • Forward pages or the entire publication to colleagues.
  • Share information through face book, twitter, and other social media.
  • Print the entire publication.

How can you Make the FIRST Move?

  • Share the publication within your organization by forwarding this information
  • Spread the word through your networks by linking the Move the Move icon on your organization’s website, blog, and face book pages (instructions attached)*
  • Align your organization’s efforts to improve physical activity with national strategies
  • Stay informed by entering your information in the Get Involved section

Follow our progress throughout the year and learn more about other implementation priorities led by NCPPA including a cause marketing campaign and federal policy priorities at  Click on the Get Involved button if you would like to sign up to receive regular updates.


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