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Black & White Print Darkroom:
12 B&W Besler enlarging stations with lens, easels, negative carriers and stainless steel processing sink.

Color Digital Lab:
12 digital stations with large sceen I-macs, Imacon 4x5 film scanner, Nikon 9000 medium format film scanner, Nikon coolscan 35mm film scanner, Epson printers include: six R2400, one 3800, one 4800, one 7600 and one 9900. Camera equipment available for use includes Cannon DSLR 30D’s, Canon DSLR  Mark II,  Mamiya AFD with 47MG Leaf back, Calumet view cameras and Yashica 2/14 film cameras.

Alternative Processes Lab:
4x5 enlarger, 2 UV exposure units, assortment of wood contact printing frames, drying racks, counter and sink for coating and processing

2 Film Darkrooms:
Chemicals available for development of black and white negative film and color slide film using E6 process.

Digital Lighting Studio:
I-mac, softbox, tungsten and strobe light kits as well as Bencher Copy stand, 12 and 6 ft backdrop sets.

Print finishing room:
includes: wall mounted glass cutter, professional table top mat cutter and dry-mount press.


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