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Undergraduate Studios & Classrooms:
The primary drawing studio is a spacious, high ceiling room with large north facing windows and track spotlights. Drawing horses, pedestals and easels are the main equipment and furniture found in this studio. For wet media needs this studio also has a sink.
There are three large studios for painting classes. Each studio is is well lit with natural light, track spotlights and contains a sink for cleaning.
One room houses the introductory painting classes. This room has approximately 20 easels. The advanced painting studios consist of individual spaces solely for students to use while enrolled in painting class. Each space is approximately 8’X12”, separated by a divider and supplied with easels, tables, chairs etc. Continuing students typically have the option of retaining their individual studios.

Graduate Studios:
Graduate painting studios are located in a separate building which houses various graduate studio areas. This space is well lit by natural light, has access to water, and contains numerous studio spaces. Each painting student is assigned an individual studio area furnished with easels, tables and other furniture. The graduate studios also feature a commons area for meetings, reviews, etc.

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