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Leon Polk Smith & Texas Women Printmakers

February 18 to March 17th, 2010

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Leon Polk Smith / 'Prints & Paintings' / Exhibition views

Texas Women Printmakers Exhibition Views

a. Exhibition view showing [l to r]: Gail Norfleet monoprints; Annette Lawrence graphite rubbing; Linda Ridgway monoprints; Mary Vernon etchings.
b. Exhibition view showing [l to r]: Barbara Maples linocut; Evelyn Beard serigraph; Constance Forsyth etching; Liz Ward etchings; Gail Norfleet monoprints; [on pedestal] Helen Altman mixed media print construction.
c. Exhibition view showing [l to r]: Constance Forsyth aquatint; Dorothy Bertine etchings; Coreen Mary Spellman lithographs; Mary Frances Doyle serigraph; Coreen Mary Spellman intaglio prints.
d. [l to r]: Dorothy Bertine, Coreen Mary Spellman, Mary Frances Doyle.
e. Coreen Mary Spellman
f. Barbara Maples, Evelyn Beard and Constance Forsyth.
g. Linda Ridgway, Mary Vernon and Melissa Miller.
h. Linda Ridgway, Mary Vernon, Melissa Miller and Gail Norfleet.

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