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About the Program

The Intermedia emphasis integrates the three areas of Papermaking, Book Arts and Printmaking. This emphasis encourages experimental crossover among these paper-based disciplines. Students may choose two classes in one area and one in each of the remaining areas for a total of 12 hours. The possible class combinations are as follows*:

  • 2 Book Arts, 1 Papermaking, 1 Printmaking.
  • 2 Papermaking, 1 Book Arts, 1 Printmaking.
  • 2 Printmaking, 1 Book Arts, 1 Papermaking.
    *One course in each of the three areas should be taken first, with a second class in one of the areas taken last.

Course Descriptions

Book Arts

Art 5053. Typographic Bookmaking.
The study of typographic bookmaking as an art form. Lecture topics include an overview of historic as well as contemporary book forms. Technical problems dealing with design, typography paper, printing presses, and binding styles are covered in demonstrations and by working in the studio. Two lecture, four studio hours a week.
Instructor: S. Grant


Art 5043. Papermaking. The exploration of the age-old technique of making paper by hand. Use of Western and Eastern paper pulps and techniques. Paper coloration and the aesthetics of paper. Two lecture, four studio hours a week.
Instructor: C. Stuckenbruck


Art 5903. Special Topics: Printmaking.
This course involves lecture on the history and techniques of printmaking. The specific techniques of intaglio, monoprint, relief printing and alternative printmaking are also covered by demonstration and through studio work. Two lecture, four studio hours a week. 
Instructor G. Washmon

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