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Submission Guidelines and Policies

Artists are welcome to submit work samples and exhibition proposals for the TWU East l West Galleries. We are looking for all types of artwork for exhibitions, especially work that will advance the educational directive of our existing programs and the university as a whole. Artists working in traditional, alternative, and new media or working with interactive and web-based platforms are also encouraged to submit proposals and will be considered for exhibition. But in order to help you, please note the following.

East l West Galleries / TWU History

Before you submit materials, you may want to look around our website and see what we have shown in the past and what Texas Woman’s University’s mission is as a state school and primarily women’s university. This won’t tell you what we are looking for in future programming, since East l West Galleries and the Visual Arts Department goals and vision are in constant evolution and improvement, but it will give you some idea of what our general programming sensibilities are; innovative, contemporary and non-commercial are good guideposts.

Unsolicited Submissions in General

The majority of what will be exhibited at East l West Galleries will not come to us through unsolicited submissions, though there are always shows each year that do come to us this way. This is just how it is. Most work gets shown because we have come across it through the ‘art world’ systems of exhibitions, curators and educators who bring artists and exhibitions to our attention. This is not meant to suggest that you not submit materials; not at all. It’s just that, unlike some other alternative, coop and non-commercial spaces, we do not generally program our gallery through submissions.

We will closely review unsolicited proposals, but since we are a busy university art space and we take pride in looking carefully at all proposals that come in, it can sometimes take us a while to get back to you. We aren’t ignoring you, or being rude; it’s part of the process of programming an art space in an academic setting.

Visual Arts, New Media Submissions

We are an Apple/Mac operation; anything not easily viewed on a Mac platform will not likely get looked at. Sorry.

Resumes, statements, bios and press clippings are all helpful but not nearly as important as good quality website. DO NOT send original materials; we can’t be responsible for the handling or return of original materials!

If your work is media-based or you feel a web version of your portfolio is just fine then send it along, but be aware of the following:

Your work should be easily viewable in an internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)

Generally, if we have to do much fiddling, you’re likely to get a “…sorry but not at this time.” response.

Do not email image files! Any email with attachments that are not from an already identified sender, will be deleted by the university’s protection systems.

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