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Burden of Proof

Pics from Nate Larson show at TWU

Nate Larson
November 17 to 21, 2008
Nate Larson Bears the Burden of Proof
A goat is born with the number 3, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt’s racing number, marked in the fur on its hide. After a dream that he has been shot, a man awakes to find bruises in the spots where bullets hit him. A self-proclaimed prophet gives readers instructions for Miracle Pennies. These are some of the images and stories that appear in Nate Larson’s work. Sponsored by PAC and PiD, Larson was on hand to discuss his projects and his process with an audience at TWU’s Visual Arts Building, along with his show Burden of Proof.
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'Burden of Proof' Exhibition Press Release

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