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Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition 2008

August 26 to September 19, 2008
photos here
Faculty in the exhibition:
John Calabrese
Susan Kae Grant
Colby Parsons
Jana C Perez
Don Radke
Corky Stuckenbruck
Tanya Synar
Gary Washmon
John Weinkein
Laurie Weller

Faculty Exhibition Press Release [doc]

Installation photos of the 2008 Faculty show

East Gallery
a. (wall l to r) Weinkein, Weller, Weinkein, Radke (pedestal) Stuckenbruck.
b. (wall l to r) Washmon, Stuckenbruck, Weinkein.
c. (wall l to r) Calabrese, Perez, Grant (pedestal) Stuckenbruck.
d. (wall l to r) Parsons, Synar, Calabrese, Perez (pedestal) Stuckenbruck.
e. (wall l to r) Weller, Weinkein, Radke, Parsons, Synar (pedestal) Stuckenbruck. West Gallery installation views of Faculty show 2008
West Gallery
a. (wall l to r) Calabrese, Stuckenbruck, Parsons (video and sculpture)
b. (wall l to r) Weller, Perez (pedestal) Stuckenbruck
c. (wall l to r) Washmon, Synar (video and sculpture)
d. (wall l to r) Grant, Calabrese (pedestal) Stuckenbruck

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