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Corky Stuckenbruck
Professor of Art
Department of Visual Arts
Program Areas: Intermedia  / Art History

Professional Preparation
M.F.A. - Art/Textile Design, University of Kansas
B.A. - Anthropology, University of California

Corky Stuckenbruck teaches design fundamentals and fibers courses and has been a member of the faculty since 1975.

My work deals with the impermanent quality of life. In the Cradle to Grave series I use cradle/boat/coffin forms to symbolize various stages and passages that humans pass through during the journey from birth to death. The materials used are, also, of a rather impermanent nature. These reliquary-sized vessels are formed with gathered and shaped wood and covered with "gut" which is sausage casing that shrinks as it dries, often warping and distorting the forms. I find that this interaction between content, form and material is an excellent process for symbolizing the temporary and cyclic stages of life.

a. 'Fallacy of Logic' / wood / handmade paper / casings
b. 'Earth Vessel' /  wood / handmade paper / casings
c. 'Transformation' /  wood / handmade paper / casings
d. 'Seed' / mixed media collographic collage
e. 'Growth' / mixed media collographic collage
f. ' End of Empire' /  wood / handmade paper / casings

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