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Goal & Purpose of the Review

The goal of the 9 Hour Portfolio Review is to evaluate the student’s progress within the concentration. It will also serve to reinforce the mission of the Visual Arts department and Graphic Design concentration in preparing qualified students for successful and productive professional lives and careers within a global design community. In support of this goal, all students within the graphic design concentration, and those pursuing a minor in graphic design, will be required to complete this review before continuing to upper level courses. This process is similar to auditions within the departments of Music, Dance and Drama.

Prerequisites (9 Hours)

Art 2223 Intro to Computer Based Art (Graphic Design Section)
Art 3243 Fundamentals of Type & Image
Art 3293 Design I: Identity & Symbols

Elements of the Portfolio

1. Cover letter describing the student’s ideas about expectations and goals toward a career in graphic design.
2. Resume
3. Online portfolio* that contains the following items
         a. Each final major project from Computer Based Art (5)
         b. One example of thumbnails for one project
4. Art 3243 Fundamentals of Type & Image notebook
5. Art 3293 Design I Identity & Symbol notebook

*Online Portfolio may use: Behance, Tumblr, Coroflot, Wordpress or Deviant Art/ DaPortfolio)

Structure of the Resume

The resume should reflect typographic knowledge gained through coursework in typography class and should be structured chronologically. Below are some sites to assist in resume preparation.
How Design
How Design Do’s & Don’ts for Graphic Design Resumes

Submissions and Deadline

An email containing the (1) portfolio web address, (2) attached resumé and (3) cover letter must be emailed to the Graphic Design Major Professor / Jana Perez by 5:00 pm on Friday of Week 3 of the semester following completion of the required 9 Hour Review courses. The student’s name and ID# should appear in the subject line of the email. The printed cover letter, resumé, and notebooks must be delivered to the Visual Arts office / Room 107FAB, by the same deadline as the emailed materials.

Evaluation Results

The program’s major professor, one additional instructor, and the Visual Arts Chair will evaluate each student’s materials. A completed Rubric, comments and recommendations will be returned with portfolios when reviews are complete. Students receiving a failing score on the review will be counseled individually by appointment about options for successful continuation of the program.

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