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Exhibition Dates: October 2 to October 26, 2012
Joseph Melançon Lecture: October 2, 4:00-4:45pm
Reception for the artists: October 2, 5:00-7:00 pm

Joseph Melançon is a versatile artist whose range of work includes painting, collage and sculpture. Lifelong interests including landscape, figure, antique toys, the circus and the American Indian are portrayed with multilayered meaning using abstraction as well as expressive realism.

His works are very personal with a passion for process, composition and the painterly surface. Design and dimensional production work in science and history museums and advertising media contributed greatly to Joseph's extensive knowledge of methods and materials used in his work.

For many years he taught drawing and painting at Eastfield College in Dallas, Texas in addition to giving workshops and lectures across the country.

Now residing in Sarasota, Florida, Joseph grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he received a BA in Fine Arts at LSU. Later in his career he earned an MFA in painting from Texas Woman's University which included travel to Rome, England, Scotland and Greece to study art history, painting and sculpture.

Books and magazines featuring Joseph's paintings include;
200 New Painting Ideas, 1998 North Light Books.
Splash Five: The Glory of Color, 1998 North Light Books.
Arts for the Parks Top 100: Artist's Celebrating our National Parks 1996 National Park Academy of the Arts, Inc.
Creative Watercolor: Step-by-Step Guide and Showcase, l995 Rockport Publishers
Splash Three: Ideas & Inspirations, 1994 North Light Books.
American Artist Magazine, February, l995.

Joseph is represented by State of the Arts Gallery in Sarasota, Florida and Wyble Art Brokerage in Louisiana. A full time artist, Joseph currently teaches at Art Center Sarasota and Manatee Community College in Bradenton, Florida.

In 2012 a scholarship was created by Joseph’s family, in his name, for TWU Visual Arts students.
Joseph on what the scholarship and studying at TWU means to him.

"My love of painting and drawing started in elementary school. It eventually led me to a degree in Fine Arts at Louisiana State University in 1962 and through a 38 year career in designing exhibits, sets, props and special effects. Those years were a joy because of the variety of my creative experiences. My passion for painting and teaching grew stronger with continued thoughts of graduate school.
After meeting with Fine Arts chair Gary Washmon in 1997 I was convinced TWU was for me. Gary and his staff of teachers helped make this program the most fulfilling and productive growth experience of my life. A minor in Art History with summers traveling to Europe put all the studio classwork in perspective. I walked across the stage to receive my MFA diploma on my 62nd birthday in December of 2000. Thanks to my daughter Janet, I am thrilled and honored to have a scholarship in my name at TWU. I hope this scholarship will assist other artists in realizing their dreams."
More information on the scholarship fund can be found at:

In the East Gallery are six alumni of the TWU graduate painting program. The show is curated by Professor Gary Washmon, and highlights current work being done by students who graduated in the last 6 years.

Penny Bisbee’s work addresses the issue of environmental stewardship in a society that is based on the consumption and use of environmental resources. I incorporate the use of the figure and its relationship to the space of the picture plane. The medium of oil paint offers variety; juicy, thick impasto applications, translucent glazes, opaque, flat colors or rich, deep hues. In an era of astounding advances in technology and communication technologies, oil painting still seems “hand built” and provides evidence of the artist.

Mark Collop’s work mines visual tropes of masculinity in professional athletics and the marketing of celebrity while subtly exploring the limits of the materials used in each work.

Tim Harding’s recent works often combine disciplines including painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, and video. At their most basic level, these works are labor-intensive drawings. They take what is often a delicate form of art and turn it in to a construction process that utilizes drills, staple-guns, hammers and other equipment for mark-making.

Sunny Jacquet approaches painting with a simple philosophy: a successful piece of art is one that allows viewers to peek into my world of imagination and artistic aspirations. My artworks combine trompe l’oeil and classical painting techniques with surreal settings to express messages of revitalization and aspiration.
Through my paintings, I wish to create an atmosphere of humor, fantasy, mystery, and elements of human conditions. Also, I transform everyday experiences into visual stimulation as a form of communication, to pose questions and seek answers.

Tammy Wascovich ‘Naturally drawn to the unique and interesting, I have always been intrigued by people. My eye is drawn to small details that define individuality, including gesture, color, texture, shape, size and attitude. I look at people as a whole organism, made up of many individual strokes of style. The transference of those strokes influences my artistic style while capturing the event’s collective energy and spirit.’

Leigh Ann Williams’ works are energetic abstractions inspired by recorded and live music. The works have the frenetic feel of motion and invention from a club show or concert and are painted with free flowing brushstrokes contrasted by highly developed and modeled space.

The East l West Galleries are on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building, at the corner of Texas & Oakland streets, TWU campus in Denton, Texas, 76204.
Gallery hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 4pm, when the university is in session. Weekends by appointment only.
For directions, please go to the TWU website:

If you need more information, would like images of the work or a more complete biography for the artists, please contact: Vance Wingate at 940-898-2533 or by email:
Images for use in print and on the web are available. Please email: Vance Wingate /



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