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Exhibition Dates: Aug. 27-Sept. 20, 2012 / Reception for the artists: Sept. 4, 4-6 pm

The exhibition features artwork by faculty members of TWU Department of Visual Arts and guest artists invited by the faculty. This biennial exhibition highlights the work of the TWU faculty, allowing students, the university, and the Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton arts communities see the compelling work being created and shown locally, nationally and internationally by the Visual Arts faculty members.
Each faculty member invited artists who they admire, have worked with on projects, or is a mentor to them to be a guest at this exhibition. The variety of work spans the gamut from traditional painting to experimental video and sculpture by the artists on display, and the show gives all visitors a broad view of the scope and variety of art being done by the faculty and guests at TWU, in the community and classrooms of the Department of Visual Arts.

Artists participating in the exhibit are:
TWU Faculty: Dr. John Calabrese, Professor of Art History; Susan kae Grant, Michelle Hays, Chair/Dept. of Visual Arts; Professor of Photography; Colby Parsons, Assoc. Prof. Ceramics; Jana Perez, Asst. Prof. Graphic Design; Corky Stuckenbruck, Professor of Papermaking; Tanya Synar, Assoc. Prof. Sculpture; Gary Washmon, Professor of Painting. Adjunct Faculty: Cindy Dale, Art Education; Arthur Fields, Graphic Design; Jessica Pullings, Painting; Raul Varela, Graphic Design; Laurie Weller, Painting; Vance Wingate, Gallery Coordinator; Deanna Wood, Graphic Design.

Invited Guest Artists are: Carol Benson, Painting; Billy Hassell, Painting; Suguru Hiraide, Sculpture/Midwestern State University; [Elizabeth Mellott & Bryd Williams], Photography/Collin County College; Virgil Scott, Graphic Design/TAMU-Commerce; Mark Smith, Painting/Austin College; Ian Thomas, Ceramics; Philip VanKeuren, Photography & Printmaking/Southern Methodist University.

The East l West Galleries are on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building, at the corner of Texas & Oakland streets, TWU campus in Denton, Texas, 76204.
Gallery hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 4pm, when the university is in session. Weekends by appointment only.
For directions, please go to the TWU website:

If you need more information, would like images of the work or a more complete biography for the artists, please contact: Vance Wingate at 940-898-2533 or by email:
Images for use in print and on the web are available. Please email: Vance Wingate /

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