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The TWU Veterans Program Office is designed to assist students with their VA Educational Benefits, to ensure all necessary documents are submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and to certify enrollment in degree credit hours.

The following information will make you aware of your responsibilities here at TWU. It includes information about advance pay, degree plans, add/ drops, and concurrent enrollment.

GI Bill Website
• Veterans benefits information
• Payment rates for the different chapters
• Regional VA contact # 1-888-442-4551 

W.A.V.E. - Web Automated Verification of Enrollment
• Change programs
• Change place of enrollment
• Verify monthly enrollment
• W.A.V.E. contact # 1-877-823-2378 

 College for Texans - Hazlewood Exemptions
• Application Process
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Online Record of Hours 

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