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Veterans need to submit the following documents to the TWU Veterans Program Office:
  • DD214- Military discharge form (Used to verify Veteran status to receive graduation cords)
  • Military transcript
  • Certification of Eligibility Letter
  • TWU Degree plan
  • Veterans Intent to Register Form

Dependents need to submit the following documents to the TWU Veterans Program Office:

Advance Pay
Texas Woman’s University participates in the advance payment program. In order to utilize this service you must contact the TWU Veterans Program BEFORE you register. Failure to notify the TWU Veterans Program before registering can result in the denial of this service. Recipients of the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation are not eligible for advance pay.

The main responsibility of the TWU Veterans Program is to certify enrollment for veteran students. Certification is the formal process of notifying the VA of a student’s enrollment for educational benefits. You must submit a completed Veterans Intent to Register Form to the TWU Veterans Program for each semester enrolled at TWU.

Degree Plan
A degree plan is an official document prepared in the office of your Academic Dean. It lists all required courses and departmental requirements for a particular degree.

VA regulations require that students receiving VA Educational Benefits select a degree and make satisfactory progress toward the completion of that degree. The student is responsible for obtaining a degree plan from the college of their major and submitting a copy to the TWU Veterans Program.

All VA education benefits recipients must submit a degree plan to the TWU Veterans Program within ONE academic term, (summer terms are collectively considered one term). VA Educational Benefits will not be awarded after two terms unless your current degree plan is on file.

According to VA regulations, students can only enroll for courses listed on the degree plan. Therefore, students are advised to keep a copy of this document and refer to it prior to registration. If you have any doubts or concerns about a course, contact the TWU Veterans Program.

Change of Major/Program
If you decide to change your major or program you must complete a Change of Major form and submit a new degree plan to the TWU Veterans Program in order to receive future VA educational benefits.

Adds, Drops, Withdrawal
The TWU Veterans Program is required to report any changes in enrollment to the VA; therefore, you must notify the TWU Veterans Program Office immediately if you add, drop, or withdraw from any classes.

Students may be required to pay back portions of their benefits if they drop a course, withdraw, or receive a non punitive grade. It is the student’s responsibility to verify information certified to the VA and repay any overpayment.

Concurrent Enrollment
If you are enrolled at two or more schools in the same semester, you may apply as a concurrent student and receive benefits for the total combined hours enrolled. If TWU is your parent institution you must submit a copy of your paid tuition and fee receipt with the listing of the courses you are enrolled in at the supplemental school. Once received, the TWU Veterans Program Office will prepare a Parent Institution Letter stating which courses will transfer and apply toward your degree plan at TWU.

Break Pay
As of 08/01/2011, Break pay is no longer awarded under any GI Bill Chapter benefits. For  more information, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.

Repeat or Duplication
If a student fails a course or receives a grade below departmental requirements, then they may repeat the same course and receive VA educational benefits. All other duplications can NOT be certified.

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