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GI Bill Pay-rate Guide
The VA will determine your pay-rate based off the length of the term and the number of credit hours that students are enrolled.

Chapter 30, 31, 33 &35 recipients generally need to enroll in the following hour load in order to receive full-time payment benefits.

Undergraduate enrollment status:
Spring: 12hrs is full time [Full semester]
Fall:     12hrs is full time [Full semester]

Summer 1: 2hrs is full time [Quarter semester]
Summer 2: 4hrs is full time [Mini semester]
Summer 3: 4hrs is full time [Mini semester]
Summer:    7hrs is full time [Full semester]

Graduate enrollment status:

Spring and Fall long semester: *9hrs is full time
Spring and Fall mini semesters: 3hrs is full time

Summer 1: 2hrs is full time
Summer 2: 3hrs is full time
Summer 3: 3hrs is full time
Summer:    5hrs is full time [Full semester]

*Graduate level students will need to enroll in 9hrs to receive full-time payment benefits, unless they are enrolled in thesis, dissertation, or student teaching courses. 

Students are able to use concurrent enrollments in mini and long semester terms to reach full time enrollment as long as the terms dates overlap.



Enrollment Dates


Summer 2



Summer 3






 For an undergraduate student from 06/14/12 to 07/09/12 student training is full-time pursuing 9 credit hours. On 07/10/12, the student is enrolled in 6 credit hours and training ¾ time. On 08/07/12, the student is pursuing 3 credit hours and equivalent training time is less than ½ time through the end of the term.

The summer months can be tricky to plan out, if you have any questions please contact the TWU Veterans Program Office. All pay-rates are determined and regulated by the VA. You can contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GI-BILL-1).

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