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The Undergraduate Council

  • Reviews proposals for new undergraduate programs;
  • Oversees the core curriculum;
  • Conducts periodic reviews of undergraduate programs;
  • Addresses university-wide issues such as retention and college readiness.

Membership includes elected faculty (based on undergraduate SCH); student representatives; one representative each from Faculty Senate, Council of Chairs, and Academic Council. Ex-officio members include the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, the Associate VP for Institutional Effectiveness, and representatives from Student Life, Admissions, Registrar's Office, and Distance Learning.

Undergraduate Council Meeting Dates and Locations
    Denton Dallas - IHSD Houston - IHSH
30-Sep-13   SH 308 IHSD 8720 IHSH 5305
28-Oct-13 SH 308 IHSD 8720 IHSH 5305
25-Nov-13 SH 308 IHSD 8720 IHSH 5305
27-Jan-14 SH 308 IHSD 8720 IHSH 5305
24-Feb-14 SH 308 IHSD 8720 IHSH 5305
31-Mar-14 BHL 101 IHSD 3514 IHSH 10111
28-Apr-14   SH 308 IHSD 8720 IHSH 5305
Executive Meetings
23-Sep-13   CFO 1308
21-Oct-13 CFO 1308
18-Nov-13 CFO 1308
20-Jan-14 CFO 1308
17-Feb-14 CFO 1308
24-Mar-14 CFO 1308
21-Apr-14   CFO 1308

Undergraduate Council Governance

Undergraduate Program Reviews

Undergraduate Certificates Policy

  • Undergraduate Certificate Policy Under Review.  Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships.

New Program Proposals are Due November 1 for Undergraduate Council Review

Core Curriculum Assessment

Core Competencies

Minutes of the Undergraduate Council

2013-2014 Minutes

2012-13 Minutes

2011-12 Minutes

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