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  • Disability Support Services  The office of Disability Support Services assists students with disabilities who attend Texas Woman's University by determining and recommending appropriate academic support services.  In addition, DSS acts as a referral source for other services both on campus and in the community.

  • Honors Scholar Program  The Honors Scholar Program at Texas Woman's University is one of the ten most selective in the state of Texas with limited enrollment for freshman and transfer student.  It is open to any student from any major, and it stresses, not more course work, but more interesting course work. 

  • Math and Technology Success Center  The Mathematics and Technology Success Center is available toassist TWU students in reaching their educational goals in math and technology through technology programs and individual or group tutoring.

    Tutoring is provided for TWU students who are enrolled in math and technology courses or enrolled in any courses with math or technology components.

  • Pioneer Center for Student Excellence  The Pioneer Center for Student Excellence provides and coordinates services that promote engagement within and outside the classroom.  Within the center you can:  find an intermship, connect with academic advising services, explore how to be involved on campus and in the community, and enhance your academic experience. 

  • Science Learning Resource Center  The Science Learning Resource Center (SLRC) was established by a grant from the National Science Foundation in 1978.  The Center offers a variety of resources including a Kit, Computer Homework, Tutoring, and Physics videos.

  • Write Site The Write Site assists individual TWU students who need to improve their writing skills.

Other Campus Services

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