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Instructional Video Production

Assists TWU faculty members in the following:

  • Shooting/producing instructional videos and put them on media storage devices or upload to Blackboard courses.
  • Recording/editing audio clips and put them on media storage devices or Blackboard courses.
  • Converting analog video (e.g. VHS, Video-8) to DVD’s or other digital formats including AVI, Windows Media, QuickTime, MP4 etc.
  • Capturing video clips from DVD’s and convert to other digital video formats.
  • Editing and burning digital video files like MP4/H.264/AVI/QuickTime/WMV onto DVD’s.
  • Converting analog audio (e.g. regular and micro audio cassettes) to audio CD’s or other popular digital formats including WAV, QuickTime, MP3, Windows Media, etc.
  • Exporting a PowerPoint presentation onto a DVD and adding narration and/or music.
  • Scanning photos/35 mm slides/negatives into digital format or PowerPoint presentation.
  • Capturing still frames from video tapes, DVD, or other video files.
  • Creating, shooting and editing instructional, promotional and educational digital video projects.
  • Enhancing/sweetening poor quality audio tracks using graphic equalizer/noise reduction.
  • Converting among various kinds of audio and video formats, e.g. QuickTime to Windows Media, WAV to MP3, AVI to MPEG-2/QuickTime/MP4.

Please schedule an appointment with:

Ivan Lee
Senior Instructional Producer
Office of Marketing & Communication

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