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Table Drape Reservations

Two table drapes are available for use by departments at recruiting events.  These drapes are maroon with Texas Woman’s University in white letters.  They are suitable for use on a 6-foot table.

Table Drape

One style of drape covers only the front and top of the table and has a white border (see photo).  There are two of these drapes 

The second style of table drape covers all sides of the table and has no border (see photo).  There are six of these drapes.

 Guidelines for reserving table drapes:

  • The drapes may be reserved by completing the reservation form (PDF).
  • Table drapes may be used at any time, but must be reserved in advance.
  • There is no charge for using the drapes.
  • Someone who will be responsible for the drape while it is on loan must complete a reservation form.
  • Table drapes must be picked up and returned to the Office of Marketing and Communication, 1215 Oakland (next door to Human Resources).
  • Table drapes may be reserved up to 72 hours.  Longer reservations may be available if someone else has not reserved the drapes.
  • Table drapes may be used for non-recruiting events, but priority will be given to recruiting.

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