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Pioneer Partners Recruitment Enhancement Project

Purpose: To offer matching funds for department- and program-based recruitment activities

Rationale: Individual components frequently have opportunities to recruit students to their programs, but lack the funds to do so. The Office of Marketing and Communication wishes to support this initiative by partnering with the components to make possible targeted recruitment activities.

Administration: Office of Marketing and Communication

Application: Requests should be submitted using the application below
Download the Pioneer Partner application form.

Awards: Efforts will be made to make awards to as many components as possible. Awards will not be made for faculty travel or faculty conference registration.

Criteria: The criteria for the awards are:

  • The activity must have a clear recruitment element
  • The activity must present the opportunity to reach a number of prospective students
  • Assurance that the component will make every effort to inform the Office of Marketing and Communication of all inquiries from prospective students resulting from the activity
  • Assurance that the component will ask prospective students reached through the activity to complete prospect cards that will be submitted to the Office of Admissions within one week of the activity

Contact: Carolyn Barnes, Office of Marketing and Communication, 81-3456

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