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Photography services for departmental websites, brochures and
tabletop displays

Assistance is available for departments that wish to include photographs for recruiting purposes on websites, in brochures and/or on tabletop displays.

Marketing and Communication will pay for 1 hour of shooting time by a free-lance photographer to take photos of departmental activities and deliver a CD of all and a printed contact sheet.   

Departments requesting this service will be provided with the names and contact information for some of the free-lance photographers with whom Marketing and Communication works.  The department will contact one of these photographers and arrange a date, time and location for the photos to be taken.  

Departments should be able to shoot up to 6 setups in an hour, if the shots are planned in advance and everyone is on site and ready to work when the photographer arrives.   Complex shots that include large numbers of people or involve more than one or two locations may reduce the number of set ups.  Discuss with the photographer in advance the kind of photos needed.  He or she will be able to estimate what can be accomplished in the time available.

Scheduling a Photographer

  • To obtain the names and contact information for photographers, please contact Susan Sponsler at or 8-1-3456. The department is responsible for contacting the photographer and scheduling the photo shoot.
  • If a photo shoot is canceled with less than 48 hours’ notice the university still will be required to pay the photographer’s fee.
  • Any department that wishes to hire a photographer for more than one hour must have a purchase order for the additional time completed prior to the shoot.
  • In some cases, Marketing and Communication may agree to pay for additional time. However, this must be decided before the shoot is scheduled.
  • Departments may ask to use other photographers, but samples of their work must be submitted to Marketing and Communication before scheduling a shoot.

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