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Texas Woman’s University Media Relations Policy

The Office of Marketing and Communication is responsible for all university-based interactions with the media, including:

  • Issuing all official university news releases
  • Responding to or coordinating the response to inquiries from reporters*
  • Issuing of all official university statements to the media
  • Scheduling all official university news conferences
  • Coordinating and implementing the communications response to a crisis.

To have a news release written and distributed to the media about a faculty or student accomplishment or an upcoming event in your department, etc. please contact Amanda Simpson, director of news and information at 940-898-3456, or Karen Garcia, senior copywriter at 940-898-3456, with as much advance notice as possible.

If you receive a call from a reporter, please notify Amanda Simpson, director of news and information at 940-898-3456 prior to responding to the reporter, if possible. If she is not available, contact Karen Garcia, senior copywriter or Cindy Pollard, associate vice president of marketing and communication, at 940-898-3456.

The Office of Marketing and Communication should be notified of a crisis or any potential crisis immediately. Please contact Cindy Pollard, or in her absence, Amanda Simpson, as soon as possible.

A crisis is defined as any emergency or controversy that could negatively affect the public perception or reputation of the university. Emergencies include fires, accidents, explosion, tornadoes and other weather-related incidents and natural disasters. Controversies include: crimes against students, faculty or staff; suicides; student demonstrations; inappropriate conduct by faculty, staff or students; academic freedom issues; fiscal irregularities; and personnel issues.

Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication at (940) 898-3456 with any questions concerning the Texas Woman’s University Media Relations Policy.

*The TWU student newspaper The Lasso is an exception. Please visit The Lasso section in the Policy and Procedures manual for more information.

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