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Training Videos Available in the Office of Human Resources

The videos listed here are available to staff and faculty for self-study.  If you would like to check out a video(s), please contact the Training Supervisor in Human Resources, Denton Campus at 8-1-3558.  This is a great opportunity to learn new skills at your own pace.  Watch for new titles!


  • “Good Safety is Good Business”
  • “Know Your ABC’s …. Fire Extinguisher”
  • “Slippin and Trippin”
  • “Subtle Sexual Harassment” – 2 videos
  • “Making the ADA Work fir You”
  • “ADA-A Tool to Work With”
  • “The Diversity Series” – 4 videos
  • “Worker’s Enemy Number One”
  • “Diversity  Food for Thought”
  • “Sexual Harassment  You Make the Call”
  • “Sexual Harassment   Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt”
  • “Harassment Prevention Program”
  • EEO Training Video
  • “Customer Service Series  Dealing with the Irate Customer”
  • “Listening Under Pressure”
  • ADA Training
  • “The Legal Side of Performance Appraisal: you be the judge”
  • “Sexual Harassment Orientation for College and University Faculty and Administrators”  
  • The Workplace: Supervisory Conduct
  • The Classroom and Beyond: Faculty Conduct
  • Disability Forum   ADA Dr. Carol Desousa
  • “Whale Done!  The Power of Good Relationships”
  • C-SPAN Archives
  • “Preventing Liability: The Leader’s Role”
  • “Documenting Discipline”
  • “Shattering the Silences    the Case for Minority Faculty”


  • Ethics the Fabric of Business


  • How to Build a Better You- Bryan Dodge (4 discs)
  • Taking Ownership of Leadership in your Life- Bryan Dodge (1 disc)
  • How to Build a Purpose Guided Life- Bryan Dodge (2 discs)
  • Memory in a Month- Ron White (6 discs)
  • “Working on Your Debt Matters”- Keith Phildius (2 discs)

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