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This formerly was called the Household Arts Building and was the second major instructional facility on campus, after Old Main. It currently houses the School of Arts as well as the music and drama departments. This building features the Margo Jones Performance Hall, a 1,150-seat hall that was the premier theatre in North Texas in the 1920s. Such artists as John Phillip Sousa, Isaac Stern, Vladimir Horowitz, Lily Pons, Robert Frost, Yehudi Menuhin and others came to Texas Woman’s University to perform in the facility.

Music Building Exterior Shot The Music Building, located across the courtyard from the Visual Arts Building, houses Margo Jones Performing Hall.

Margo Jones Performance Hall Ticket Booth Ticket sales for Margo Jones Performance Hall can be found in the lobby of the Music Building.

Margo Jones Performance Hall Interior Margo Jones Performance Hall hosts musical performances throughout the year.

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Music Building Map

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