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Human Development BuildingHDB houses the Academic Advising Center, which provides guidance for students as they work toward their academic and career goals. (You can be advised after you have been accepted to TWU and your transcripts have been evaluated.)

The office of Career Services provides career planning and placement assistance to all students of the university. The office also assists students in finding both on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs. Cooperative Education assists in connecting students with career experience before graduation.

Also in HDB, you will find the Family Sciences department, Honors Scholar programWomen's Studies, Food Lab (food tasting) and the Institute for Women’s Health, a center for research on women’s health issues.

Acdemic Advising Center in the HDB The academic advising center assists students in working toward career and academic goals. Undergraduate students who have not yet declared a major must visit the academic advising center prior to registration each semester.

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