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The purpose of the Students Advisory Committee for Technology (Students-ACT) is to review and prioritize project proposals relating to student technology services and create recommended proposals for consideration by the CIO. Students-ACT will carry out the following specific activities:

• Review and prioritize proposals relating to student technology services.

• Prepare proposals for new and/or changes to existing student technology services.

• Collect feedback from the student body through surveys and open forums to best represent the student body in matters relating to student technology services.


2014-15 Members

  • Evan Brietzke-Gupta, Post-bacc Student, Houston
  • Jasmine Brock, Sophomore Student, Denton
  • Sara Downing, Doctoral Student, Denton
  • Marissa Johnson, Senior Student, Denton - Committee Chair
  • Lynda McClaren, Senior Student, Distance - Committee Secretary
  • Victoria Mourtada, Master's Student, Dallas
  • Petina Powers, Master's Student, Distance
  • Christina Ramon, Senior Student, Distance


Fall 2015 Committee Meetings

  • Monday, September 15 - 6:00 pm

Meeting Agendas

Committee Meeting - September 15, 2014  [pdf]

Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2014  [pdf]

Committee Charter

Official Charter  [pdf]

Minutes & Agenda Archive

Initial Planning Meeting - Jan 2014 [pdf]
General Meeting - Jan 2014 [pdf]
January Meeting - 2014 [pdf]
Committee Meeting - Feb 2014 [pdf]
February Meeting - 2014 [pdf]
Committee Meeting - March 2014 [pdf]
March Meeting - 2014 [pdf]
Committee Meeting - May 1 2014 [pdf]
May 1 Meeting - 2014 [pdf]

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