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Alma Mater
Hail Alma Mater! Hail!
Joyous we sing;
Voices atune with love
shall loudly ring.
Thy students sing today
praises to thee,
Hail! Texas Woman's University!

Strong ties of friendship
true bind us to thee,
Hours spent with thee are
dear to memory
With loyal love aglow
sing we our song,
Hail! Let our voices glad the
notes prolong!

On broad and rolling plains,
'neath Texas skies,
There, crowned with majesty,
thy buildings rise.
Thou hast with purpose new
lighted our way.

To the Texas Woman's University
To the Texas Woman's University
Forever to be true.
For everything you stand for,
Maroon and white to you.
The friends we've made
While learning here
Will last our whole lives through.
To the students and our school
We pledge ourselves anew.

School Colors
Maroon and white

Motto in the University Seal:
Scientia Lumen Vitae-
Knowledge is the Light of Life

We learn to do by doing.

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School Motto, Song & Colors

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