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A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from all credit classes must initiate a formal withdrawal through the Student Life Office on the Denton, Dallas or Houston campus. Request for Withdrawal Forms are available on the web or in the Student Life Office. The effective date of withdrawal is the day upon which the student submits the completed Request for Withdrawal Form and it is received by the appropriate office. Forms may be faxed to (940) 898-3629 Denton Campus, (214) 689-6688 Dallas Campus, (713)794-2169 Houston Campus. Please see the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Please visit the Bursar's Office for specific refund dates and information.

A student who withdraws on or up to the 12th class day or the 4th day of summer school will have no record of coursework on the transcript. A student who withdraws after the 12th class day or 4th day of summer school and before the last day to drop without penalty will receive a grade of "W". After the last date to withdraw without penalty, the grade of "WF" is assigned, unless the student withdraws for medical reasons and a "W" is recommended by the instructor.

Medical Withdrawals

A student whose medical or psychological health condition precludes class attendance may be withdrawn from Texas Woman's University effective the day and under the conditions specified at the time of the withdrawal. A student who requests a medical withdrawal must submit written documentation from their treating physician along with an official TWU Withdrawal Form to the Associate Vice President for Student Life. Please note that a medical withdrawal does not qualify a student for a refund.

Retroactive Withdrawals

A student unable to complete the course work of a semester may receive permission to withdraw after the deadline if the student has “urgent, substantiated, nonacademic medical reasons” as university policy requires.  Please note that a student is expected to withdraw during the semester in which they are enrolled.  When the semester is over, the record on that semester is closed.  Since students have the option to withdraw during the semester, requests to withdraw after the semester is over will be considered only if the student was somehow unable to withdraw.  For example, students who were hospitalized, called away at the end of the semester because of a family crisis, asked to perform military service, or were seriously debilitated by mental illness may be unable to withdraw during the semester in which they are enrolled.  If there is sufficient and compelling documentation and if the request for retroactive withdrawal is submitted to the Student Life office during the next semester or term, the Associate Vice President for Student Life will review the request and consider approval of a retroactive withdrawal. Retroactive Withdrawal Form

In summary, the University's expectation is that students who leave the University for nonacademic reasons will attempt to withdraw in a timely manner, that is, during the semester in which they are enrolled or during the next semester or term if there are compelling non-academic reasons.

Please note that financial aid recipients should first contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping classes, or withdrawing from the university, to determine how a change will affect financial aid. Students who drop classes or withdraw from university may be required to repay part or all of the financial aid funds received during the semester. Also, financial aid eligibility for future semesters may be affected.

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