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lockersTwo banks of lockers can be found on the 3rd floor directly across from classrooms 3111 and 3115.  When a student rents a locker, a lock is also distributed from TWU. A form will be made available at the Student Life Offce for students requesting a locker, noting that the student account will be charged $5.00 for that particular semester.  An email will additionally be sent as a gentle reminder to pay the fee at one's earliest convenience.  Please be advised that if the fee is not eventually paid, a block will be placed on the student account for an outstanding balance, and the accoutn could, at some point, be turned over to a third party collection agency.   

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Upcoming Events
11/1-22:  Holiday Gifts
11/2-11:  Veteran Cards
11/2-11:  Flag -
Remembering our
Women and Men in Service
11/7:  Veterans Lunch
with Dr. Placido
11/7:  SGA Relaxation Day
11/11:  Special Delivery
to VA Hospital
11/14:  SGA Mtg.
11/15:  Resume
Revamp with SOM
11/17:  PB&J with SGA
11/18:  Zoo Lights
11/19:  TMC Serves
Volunteer Day
11/21:  Stress Less
11/22:  Stress Less    

            Ana Maria Castro


Student Life is a place that makes us, students, come closer together.  Since the first moment I felt the warmth and joyful spirit of those working there, who make our experience at TWU more positive and enjoyable."  Ana Maria Castro - Nursing Major