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The TWU Fitness Center is conveniently located on the second floor between the Student Life Office and the Counseling Center. TWU students can make use of the Fitness Center during the breadth of hours the building is open by swiping their ID card on the wall mounted card access reader at the entrance. Equipped with cardio and weight machines, it provides students, faculty and staff with a place to keep in shape as well as work off some of the stress.

Fitness Center Facility
Women's Changing Area (2240 B)
     2 sinks, 2 showers, 2 stalls, 14 lockers, 1 weight scale
Men's Changing Area (2240 A)
     1 sink, 1 shower, 1 stall, 8 lockers, 1 weight scale
TVs - 1 ceiling mounted in corners

Fitness Center Equipment
Weight Machines
:  Shoulder Press, Seated Leg Press, Abductor, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Vertical Press, Low Row, and Lat Pull Down
Free Weights:  dumbbells available through 75 pounds
Adjustable Benches
Weight Bars: 12, 15, 18 and 24 pounds
Cardio Machines: Upper Body Ergometer (with seat), Upright Bike, Recumbent Bike, Total Body Trainers and Treadmills
Additional Items:  Step Boards, Resist-a-Balls, Bosu-Balls, Floor Mats and Stretch Bands

This 2015 - 2016 academic year, a couple new ideas are being forged with Friday Fitness Adventure, in cooperation with Rec Sports

Fall 2015                                                                                    
Pedal Boats & Train Ride                                               
Couch to 5K (these sessions will culminate in the Komen Race for the Cure)                                                                                      
Trampoline Park                                                                              

Spring 2016
Rock Climbing

Additionally, a DVD player along with a range of exercise DVDs are available for check-out as individuals and/or small groups explore the possibilities of exercising with a recorded program.  Another idea in motion for this coming year is "Commit2Fit".  It is a self-inspired/monitored workout program that will be coordinated with Student Life.  Find out more details at our office in Suite #2300.

Opportunities are plentiful for a well-balanced workout in a number of different areas, and the convenience to drop in between classes is something you cannot pass up! Denton's Karrie Fletcher (Assistant Director of Fitness & Recreation) welcomes your questions and interests. Please feel free to get in touch with her at 940-898-2933. Visit the Fitness and Recreation website for more information.

Let your heart race a touch with a workout of your choice!

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