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The TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Science Dallas Student Government Association (SGA-Dallas) is the representative student board for all academic programs on the Dallas campus.

SGA-Dallas empowers the student body by providing a platform for students to share concerns and ideas, and creating opportunities for involvement, networking, and leadership development beyond the classroom. The assocoiation also serves as a programming board for the Dallas campus, bringing such signature events as "Get the Scoop," "Day of Service" and "Redbud Leadership & Service Recognition Awards" 

SGA Executive Board 2016-2017 Elections

January 20 Applications Open
February 26 Applications Close
March 21-27 Election Campaigning
March 28-April 3 Elections Week
April 5 Election Results Announced at SGA General Meeting
April 18 Executive Board introduced at Dallas Redbud Awards

2016-2017 Dallas SGA Executive Board Application

More information about the 2016-2017 SGA Elections can be found on Blackboard under the "Dallas SGA" organization.

Spring 2016 Meetings

February 9th (Room 3620, 12-1)
March 7th (Room 3620, 12-1)
April 5th (Room 3620, 12-1)

Meetings are open to all students, so be sure to join us!  Lunch provided to the first 25 attendees.

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