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Q: What do I do if I am in need of medical attention and Student Health Services is closed?

A: If it is a Life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 immediately or go straight to the hospital emergency room. For non-life threatening medical issues, options include Care NowMinor Emergency of Denton, and Minute Clinic (Students are responsible for charges incurred.)

Emergencies page

Q: What if I come to SHS requesting medical attention and there are no appointments available today?

A: Patients can be triaged by a nurse who will determine whether or not the patient needs immediate attention. There may be additional charges.

Q: If I am seen at SHS, are my parents ever notified? Is any information regarding my visit available to them or anyone else?

A: No. All medical information in confidential and privileged. SHS does not release medical information unless required by law or with the written consent of the patient.

Q: Does SHS accept insurance plans other than the Student Insurance plan?  

A: No. SHS is unable to file insurance claims other than through the student insurance plan. However, patients can be given the appropriate records necessary so the patient can file a claim with their insurance company themselves.

Q: Can I fill prescriptions written by a provider outside SHS?

A:   Yes.   SHS has a prescription delivery service through Drug Emporium in Denton, TX. Prescriptions can also be mailed to students living outside of Denton  through our Pharmacy Delivery Service. Pharmacy Consent Form. 

Q: Am I required to present my medical records as a condition of admission to TWU?

A: No. Currently there are no immunization requirements for admission to TWU. The only immunization requirements are for Health Science majors .

Insurance page

Q: Does SHS administer the meningitis or flu vaccine?

A: Yes. The meningitis vaccination is available throughout the year. Flu Shots are available each Fall. Information is posted to Student's Portal accounts when available.

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