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Fall 2014


8/23    Center Feild Cinema                            Pioneer Field, 8:30pm



9/8      CAB Kool Down                                 SU Free Speech Area, 12pm

9/18    Coffee House Concert                          SU 207, 7pm

9/27     Road Trip to Top Golf                        SU 113, 3pm



10/15 Fall Festival/Pioneer Proud                   Pioneer Hall, 6pm

10/22 Fall Flix: 22 Jump Street                       Hubbard Hall, 7pm

10/31 Road Trip to Fright Fest at Six Flags     SU 113, 5pm



11/5   Holiday Express                                    SU 207, 6:00 pm

11/11 Coffee House Concert                            SU Purple Lobby, 12pm

11/19 Get Outta Your Mind                             Hubbard Hall, 9pm


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