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Business Undergraduate Courses

BUS 2043 - Fundamentals of Accounting I
An emphasis on understanding of the accounting cycle and basic financial statement preparation. The course includes coverage of accounting for notes and interest, accruals and deferrals, fixed assets accounting including depreciation, depletion and amortization, payroll and payroll taxes. Prerequisite: Demonstrated readiness for college math. This course is an introductory accounting course and does not qualify for CPA Exam credit. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 2053 - Fundamentals of Accounting II
A study of accounting for partnerships and corporations; long-term obligations; investments; manufacturing operations including job order, process cost and standard cost systems, income tax allocations and statements analysis. Prerequisite: BUS 2043. This course is an introductory accounting course and does not qualify for CPA Exam credit. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 2803 - Women in Business
The study of the status and roles of women working both inside and outside the domestic workforce. Examines myths and realities of women’s experiences across various socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and cultural groupings. Surveys advances made by women in the workforce and coping techniques developed by practitioners to enable women to be valued in terms of professional competencies rather than gender stereotype. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3003 - Principles of Management
The concept and principles of management and organization; managerial functions of planning, organizing, directing, controlling; decision making; human relations; motivation; communications; and leadership. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3013 - Business Law and Ethics
Introduction to the legal problems confronting businesses in the global environment. Role of law in society; introduction to legal reasoning, dispute resolution, judicial process, constitutional law, agency, torts and government regulations; business ethics; contracts. Study of basic legal principles of business organizations and operations, including assessment of advantages and disadvantages of different types of organization. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3023 - Intermediate Accounting I
Financial accounting and accounting standards, preparation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Emphasis on the conceptual framework underlying financial accounting. Detailed study of the income statement, balance sheet, time value of money concepts, cash and receivables, and valuation of inventories. Prerequisite: BUS 2043 and BUS 2053 Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3043 - Intermediate Accounting II
Study of acquisition and disposition of property, plant and equipment; depreciation, impairments, and depletion; intangible assets; current liabilities and contingencies; long-term liabilities; stockholder’s equity; dilutive securities and earnings per share. Prerequisite: BUS 3023.Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3053 - Business Finance
A discussion of the tools and techniques used in business finance. An analysis of the acquisition and allocation of financial resources. Prerequisite: BUS 2043, BUS 2053 and MATH 2203, or MATH 1703. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3063 - Income Tax Accounting I
Principles of federal income tax accounting; preparation of income tax returns for individuals. Prerequisite: BUS 2043. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3103 - Cost Accounting
Principles of cost accounting for manufacturing companies. Emphasis is on job order costing; process costing; standard costing; direct costing; accounting for by-products and joint products; and cost allocations required to produce inventory valuations acceptable for external financial statements. Prerequisite: Completion of BUS 2043 and BUS 2053. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3113 - Principles of Marketing
Presentation of a fundamental knowledge of the nature, structure, institutions, and functions of marketing; problems involved in the exchange of goods and services from producers to intermediaries to consumers. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3133 - Investments
A study, from the viewpoint of the individual investor, of various investment media, including insurance, real estate, government securities, and corporate securities; market price behavior with emphasis on investment analysis and portfolio management. Prerequisite: MATH 1703 and MATH 2203. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3153 (same as GOV 3153)(BUSI 2302) - Legal Environment
Introduction to law and the legal professions; the role of the various actors in the legal process including lawyers, paralegals, judges, and court administrators; legal ethics; basic legal terminology; structure, functions, and political impact of the judicial system at the local, state, and national levels. Prerequisite: Three hours of government or instructors permission. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3163 - Business Communications
Application of fundamental communication principles to business through letters and reports. Emphasis is placed on clear, accurate, and forceful writing with the use of practical psychology. Practice in writing letters and memos, collecting and organizing data, and writing a formal report will be included. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3183 - Introduction to International Business
Study of the nature of international business; the scope of the international environment; the foreign nation-state environment; global strategies; management and marketing responses. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3243 - Entrepreneurship
An introduction to the planning of a small business enterprise and the decisions which must be made. Special attention is given to ethical decision areas, obstacles common to small business enterprises, small business solutions, and women/ minority owned businesses. Semester project: Business Plan. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3253 - Labor Management Relations
Principles of labor problems; union structures; collective bargaining; wage determination; unemployment; labor productivity; government regulation of wages; labor legislation. Prerequisite: BUS 3003. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3263 - Accounting Ethics
Introduction to ethical theory and the analysis of social and professional issues such as: ethical decision making, independence, integrity, objectivity, core values and ethical dilemmas from the point of view of a professional accountant. Approved by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy in sitting for the Uniform CPA Exam. Prerequisite: BUS 2043 and BUS 2053. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3273 - Human Resource Management
Principles of HR management; HR programming; job requirements; sources of labor supply; selection procedures; training programs; job evaluation; salary administration; employee communications; union-management relations. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3293 - Business and Legal Ethics
An introduction to ethical theory and the analysis of social and professional issues from various ethical perspectives; the course will focus on aspects of professional ethics in areas of business, government, law, and the health care professions. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3393 - Law for Women
Impact of gender on legal status: evolution of the current legal environment with an emphasis on parallels between racial and gender discrimination; substantive law regarding working conditions, compensation, education, the family, reproductive rights and criminal law: feminist perspectives on legal reforms to improve the professional and personal lives of women and men. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3513 - Professional Presentation Strategies
Application of fundamental presentation strategies through oral, written, and visual formats. Utilization of a wide assortment of media is encouraged to develop, stage, and deliver a variety of presentations based on the intended audience, presentation purpose, location, topic, and available facilities and equipment. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 3533 - Management Information Systems
Introduction to computer-based management information systems. Total systems implementation of electronic data processing equipment and various components. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4013 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Introduction to alternatives to litigation to resolve disputes. Consideration of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, moderated settlement conferences, and minitrials. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4023 - Advanced Accounting
Accounting for partnerships; installment sales; consignments; home office and branch accounting; and preparation of consolidated statements. Prerequisites: BUS 3023 and BUS 3043. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4033 - Advanced Business Law
Applied business transactions, with emphasis on the Uniform Commercial Code; emphasis on bailments, sales of goods, commercial paper, bank-customer relationships, credit or security devices, and bankruptcy. Selected topics on legal constraints affecting managerial decision making and business behavior will be covered. Prerequisite: BUS 3013 or permission of instructor. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4063 - Retailing
Principles and methods of modern retail merchandising; operating statement analysis, pricing, control, stock turnover, inventory methods, promotion, fashion, and salesmanship. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4093 - Principles of Selling
Study of selling as a marketing function with emphasis on the personal selling process; problems confronting sales executives in the organization, direction, and evaluation of a sales force. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4103 - Training and Development
Training and development will be studied in the context of organizational strategy. Topics such as needs analysis, training evaluation, and effectiveness and usefulness of training to the organization will be reviewed and discussed. Review of training design and implementation of training are examined. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4113 - Marketing Research
Managerial uses of research methods applied to problems of sales strategy, pricing, distribution, and the determination of marketing policies. Prerequisites: BUS 3113 and MATH 1703. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4133 - Promotion Strategy
Management of the promotional mix of advertising, publicity, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling with an emphasis on advertising. This course examines the interaction and coordination of these three elements with the firm’s overall marketing mix. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4153 - Services Marketing
Marketing decision-making related to the service industry. Solving marketing problems unique to the service firm. Topics include understanding service strategic issues, tools for service marketing, service intangibles, simultaneous production and consumption and internal marketing and not-for-profit issues. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4163 - Income Tax Accounting II
Special problems in preparing tax returns for individuals; preparation of tax returns for partnerships and corporations; preparation of employer’s federal and state tax reports; study of federal estate taxes and federal gift taxes, use of computers in tax research and tax returns. Prerequisite: BUS 3063. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4173 - Accounting Information Systems
An introduction to the use of accounting information systems within an organization. The control and communication of files and databases are studied. Applications requiring the use of spreadsheets, flowcharting and relational database software applications are used in this course. Prerequisites: BUS 3023 or permission of instructor. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4183 - Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting
Governmental and non-profit entities with emphasis on special accounts/funds and statements used by such entities. Prerequisites: BUS 2043, 2053. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4203 - Accounting Theory
Development and present status of financial and managerial accounting theory. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are studied in depth. Prerequisites: BUS 3043 and 3103. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4213 - Consumer Behavior
A study of consumer buying behavior in a marketing context. Analysis of factors affecting consumer motivation, behavior, and buying decisions. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4223 - Human Behavior in Business Administration
A study of the behavior of people in business and other formal organizations. Emphasis on the process of integrating employees into a work situation so that they are motivated to work together cooperatively, productively, and with economic, psychological, and social satisfaction. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4243 - Financial Management
Analysis of financial administration problems confronting the manager; obtaining funds; cash management; of assets; budgeting; government regulation of business financing. Prerequisites: BUS 2043, BUS 2053 and BUS 3053. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4253 - Financial Planning
Comprehensive financial planning process based on model of Board of Standards of Certified Financial Planners (CFP). Collecting client data and establishing financial objectives. Insurance planning. Investment planning. Tax planning. Retirement planning. Estate planning. Special emphasis on financial planning issues unique to women. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4263 - Finance Policy and Strategy
Financial theories and applications; making policy and strategic decisions; spreadsheet analysis, internet-based simulation, case studies, and field trips to financial institutions. Prerequisite: BUS 3053 and BUS 4243. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4273 - Management of Compensation
A study of the total compensation system of management. Financial considerations are related to the interrelationship between employee organization, performance, rewards, satisfaction, and appraisal. Non-financial compensations are also studied. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4293 - International Human Resources Management
Global practice and application of human resource management including hiring, compensation, benefits, and legal practices; impact of national and corporate culture on business operations; structures of multinational enterprises; communicating with international human resource professionals. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4333 - Business Policy
A study of the complex decision-making situations that confront management. A case study approach to the formulation of business policies. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4353 - International Marketing
The course provides an overview of international markets and the marketing structures and approaches required to succeed there. The course introduces students to the various cultural contexts that have to be taken into account while developing marketing strategy. Case discussions and projects are used to help students understand how intercultural and cross national differences have to be managed while formulating and implementing marketing strategy. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4363 - Merchandise Management
Study of factors necessary for profitably buying merchandise and managing retail inventories. Emphasis on role of buyer, markup planning, development of merchandise plans and open-to-buys, vendor relations. Prerequisite: BUS 3113. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4413 - Tax Research
A study of primary and secondary online tax research materials, including RIA and CCH. Assignments include determining what information is needed for a specific tax problem, as well as finding, analyzing and communicating the information. Prerequisite: BUS 3063 or permission of instructor. The course is totally online. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4423 - Auditing
Auditing concepts, standards, and objectives; auditing procedures and sampling techniques; internal control evaluation; the writing of the audit report. Prerequisites: BUS 3043 and 3103 or 3123. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4443 - Small Business Management
Designed to provide theory and practical experience in the analysis of various small business operations. The integration and application of knowledge across functional areas are stressed. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4503 - Internet Marketing
Students will learn how the internet is used to enhance marketing functions. Topics include internet-based communications, direct marketing over the internet, and database applications. Students will get hands-on experience with web page design. Prerequisite: BUS 3113 or permission of instructor. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4543 - Quantitative Management Analysis
Introduction of models that have practical applications for managers in business and industry. Prerequisites: MATH 2203. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4553 - Advanced Marketing
Problems of marketing management including the development of appropriate marketing strategies, planning and operations and adjustments to changing environments and institutions in the marketplace. The managerial use of marketing tools in product development, market penetration, sales planning, forecasting, budgeting, consumer motivation, competitive strategy, and distribution cost control. Prerequisites: BUS 3113, Senior standing. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4653 - Financial Risk Management
Corporate financial risk management tools and techniques including the role of derivative securities and the structure of markets for trading risk. Prerequisites: BUS 3053, BUS 3133, MATH 1703, and MATH 2203. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4753 - Advanced Quantitative Management Analysis
In-depth analysis of models with practical applications for managers in business and industry; regression models, forecasting, linear programming, inventory control models, and transportation and assignment models. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4903 - Selected Topics in Business
Variable content. Topics selected as needed. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4913 - Independent Study
Individual projects and planned readings in business. Prerequisite: Permission of department. Credit: Three hours.

BUS 4953, 4956 - Cooperative Education.

Economics Undergraduate Courses

ECO 1013 - Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 2302)
Structure and operation of the economy explained through the role of microeconomic forces; price system; theory of firm; market situations (pure competition, monopoly, oligopoly); evaluation of the distribution of income. Credit: Three hours.

ECO 1023 - Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 2301)
A macroeconomic analysis covering money and banking, gross national product and income accounting, public finance, principles of taxation, labor, international economics (balance of payments), comparative economic systems. Credit: Three hours.

ECO 3063 - Money and Banking
A survey of the role of money; history of currency; recent monetary legislation; banking and financial institutions; the Federal Reserve System; money and the national income; monetary and fiscal policy. Prerequisites: Junior standing and ECO 1013 or 1023. Credit: Three hours.

ECO 3223 -  International Finance and Trade
Trade and monetary concepts in international economics including consequences of intervention in trade; the balance of payments, theory, adjustments and impact on world trade; instruments and markets of foreign exchange; and determination of exchange rates. Credit: Three hours.

ECO 4913 - Independent Study
Individual projects and planned reading

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