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Business Internships

Business Internships are a valuable way to gain real world experience and with job opportunities more widely available in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, students should consider adding “BUS 4953 and/or 4956 - Cooperative Education” (up to 6 credit hours - undergraduate only) as an advance business elective for your degree plan.

Visit TWU’s Pioneer Center for Student Excellence to find the perfect company to launch your career. 

How to obtain internship credit:

  1. Apply and accept a position.
  2. Complete the following forms:
    1. Internship/Coop Education Application [pdf]
    2. Student Training Agreement [pdf]
    3. School of Management Approval [pdf]
  3. Print, complete, obtain necessary signatures and return to Pioneer Center for Student Excellence.
  4. Obtain appropriate course code from the School of Management and register.

    Please contact:
    Dr. John Nugent

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