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The MBA with an Accounting Emphasis is designed for students desiring to continue their education in Accounting to prepare for careers in:
  • Public Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Corporate or Small Business Accounting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Teaching at a Community College

While a bachelor’s degree in accounting is not a prerequisite, students need certain undergraduate hours in accounting before taking master-level accounting courses. 

Courses for this degree option will be offered in a variety of formats:  online, hybrid, and face to face.  Classroom sessions will be scheduled on evenings and Saturdays. All Accounting courses will have a duration of the full semester.

CPA Information

A Degree Format that Works for You

Accounting courses in this program will be offered in the full-semester format either online or with scheduled sessions on the Denton campus.  Other MBA courses may be offered online, at the Denton campus, or as part of the EMBA program.

Admission Requirements


While a student pursuing this program does not need to have completed an undergraduate degree in Accounting, it is expected that the following TWU courses (or their equivalent) will have been satisfactorily completed prior to enrollment in the graduate accounting courses required in this program: BUS 2043, BUS 2053, BUS 3023, BUS 3043, BUS 3063, BUS 4163, and BUS 4423.

Program of Study

Courses may be taken in any sequence, with the exception of BUS 5893 and BUS 5493.  BUS 5893 is the capstone course in the program and enrollment should occur in the last semester of the program.  Students will be required to integrate the knowledge and skills gained in all of the other required courses.  A student may choose to enroll in electives in the same semester as BUS 5893, but this is not recommended. BUS 5493 is the Capstone course for the accounting coursework.  As such, it should be taken as the final accounting course.  At least four of the other required Accounting courses should be successfully completed before the start of BUS 5493.

Semester Credit Hours Required

36 semester credit hours.
33 semester credit hours for students with a B.B.A. from TWU.

Required Courses (15 SCH)
BUS 5243 Administrative Managerial Finance 3
BUS 5523 Management and Organization 3
BUS 5763 Strategic Information Systems 3
BUS 5893 Applied Business Environment 3
ECO 5143 Advanced Managerial Economics 3
Required Courses in Accounting Emphasis (18 SCH)
BUS 5423 Auditing 3
BUS 5473 Financial Statement Analysis 3
BUS 5483 Accounting for Management Control 3
BUS 5493 Accounting Theory (Capstone for emphasis) 3
BUS 5903 Special Topics (Accounting Ethics) 3
BUS 5903 Special Topics (Accounting Regulations) 3
Elective (3 SCH)
Select one additional graduate business course from BUS, ECO, or HSM. (excluding BUS 5433) 3
Additional elective not required for students with a BBA from TWU.
Total Semester Credit Hours 36

Accounting Certificate

Interested in only the Accounting Certification?

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