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The Department of Sociology and Social Work offers a  Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Sociology and a B.S. degree in Sociology with a concentration in Social Inequality. A major in sociology will prepare you for the job market as well as for further study leading to graduate and professional degrees. Sociologists are interested in the impact that the social environment has on our behavior from infancy to old age. They seek to understand people by studying the societies and groups in which they live. 

Career Opportunities in Sociology

Sociology is a dynamic, ever changing and exciting discipline with opportunities for a variety of career pathways. A major or minor in sociology provides a strong foundation for careers in such fields as law, management, journalism, human services, urban and environmental planning, government, and education. Surveys of graduates find the following jobs are typical of what sociology graduates are doing: Advertising, Business, Civil Service, Community Planning, Correctional Officer, Counseling and Advising, Health Services, Human Development, Human Services, Marketing, Program Administration, Research Analyst.  Majors also find employment in local, state, and federal government positions.       

Degree Requirements & Courses

The degree requirements for the B.S. in Sociology can be completed entirely online, or through a combination of online and on-campus courses. You may also be interested in the degree requirements for the B.S. in Sociology (Social Inequality Concentration). To see which courses are offered by semester, see the Course Rotation Schedule.

Sociology Minor

A minor in sociology at the baccalaureate level requires 18 semester hours of sociology, including:

  • SOCI 1013 or 1023,
  • SOCI 3023 or SOCI 3073
  • Six advanced hours of sociology
  • Six additional sociology hours

Course selections are tailored to the student's major in consultation with departmental advisors. SOCI 3273 and SOCI 3283 will not count for credit toward the minor.

Undergraduate Advisor

Keith Brown
CFO 1201

Schedule an advising appointment with Keith.

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