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Required Courses 

  • SOCI 1013  Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 3023  Sociological Theory (Prerequisite SOCI 1013)
  • SOCI 3053  Social Research   
  • SOCI 3163  Social Statistics
  • SOCI 4103  Senior Seminar (Prerequisites SOCI 3023, 3053, and 3163)   

Sociology Electives

18 hours (of which 12 must be advanced) selected from any sociology courses, excluding SOCI 3273 and SOCI 3283

Information for All Majors and Minors

Advising Worksheets

2014_TWU_UG_SOCIOLOGY_B.S._Degree_Plan [pdf]

Notes for all Majors and Minors

  • A three-hour, 1000-level sociology course is required before taking an advanced sociology course.
  • No grade lower than "C" can be counted as credit toward completion of a major or minor in the department.
  • No more than three hours of Internship can be counted toward a major in the department and none can be counted toward a minor. 
  • Internship credit will not be given for former or current employment.
  • Students are not allowed Independent Study credit for courses typically offered as organized classes. 
  • These courses (4703, 4953, and 4956) are to be taken for a PR-CR grade only.
  • A course can be repeated for credit no more than twice-that is, taken a total of three times.

Sociology Minor

A minor in sociology at the baccalaureate level requires 18 semester hours of sociology, including:

  • SOCI 1013 or 1023,
  • SOCI 3023 or SOCI 3073
  • Six advanced hours of sociology
  • Six additional sociology hours

Course selections are tailored to the student's major in consultation with departmental advisors. SOCI 3273 and SOCI 3283 will not count for credit toward the minor.


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