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Professor and Graduate Program Director

Office: CFO 303
940-898-2067 (fax)


PhD 1993, UCLA

Courses Taught


  • Population Dynamics
  • Social Statistics
  • Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S.
  • Asian Americans


  • Race and Ethnic Groups in the U.S.  
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
  • International Migration 
  • Survey Research
  • Advanced Statistical Methods
  • Demographic Techniques
  • Professional Seminar in Sociology

Selected Publications


2011.      Yang, Philip.  Asian Immigration to the United States. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.

2000.      Yang, Philip.  Ethnic Studies: Issues and Approaches. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New 
               York Press

1999.      Yang, Philip.  Introduction to Ethnic Studies: A Reader. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt

1995.      Yang, Philip. Post-1965 Immigration to the United States: Structural Determinants.
               Westport, CT: Praeger.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters Since 1993

Forthcoming    Michalikova, Nina and Philip Yang. "Social Distances of Whites to Racial or Ethnic
                       Minorities." Ethnic Studies Review.

2012               Yang, Philip and Kavitha Koshy. "Trends in Whites' Perceived Black-White Residential
                       Integration, 1972-2008." Journal of Public and Professional Sociology. 4(1): Article 6.

2012               Yang, Philip. "From Sojourning to Settlement to Transnationalism: Transformations of
                       the Chinese Immigrant Community in America." Pp. 122-140 In Handbook of the 
                       Chinese Diaspora. Edited by Chee-Beng Tan. New York: Routledge.

2010               Yang, Philip.  "A Theory of Asian Immigration to the United States." Journal of Asian 
                       American Studies
, 13(1):1-34. (Winner of Research Paper Award,
                       the Asia and Asian American Section of the American Sociological Association in

2009               Yang, Philip and Starita Smith. "Trends in Black-White Church Integration." Ethnic
                       Studies Review

2009               Yang, Philip and Elizabeth Rodriguez. "The Case for Staying Home: Myth or Reality?" 
                       International Sociology, 24(4):526-56.

2007               Yang, Philip.  "Frontiers in Western Race and Ethnic Studies." Pp. 166-189 in the 
                       sociology volume of Series on Western Research in the Humanities and
                       Social Sciences, edited by Shuming Lu. Beijing: China People's University Press 
                       (in Chinese).

2006               Yang, Philip.  "Transnationalism as a New Mode of Immigrant Labor Market 
                       Incorporation: Preliminary Evidence from Chinese Transnational Migrants." 
                       Journal of Chinese Overseas. 2(2):173-192.

2006               Yang, Philip and Nadine Barrett.  "Understanding Public Attitudes Toward Social
                       Security." International Journal of Social Welfare. 15:95-109.

2006               Yang, Philip. "Future Prospects of Asian Americans." Pp. 292-316 in Asian Americans:
                       Contemporary Trends and Issues
, Second Edition, edited by Pyong Gap Min
                       Pine Forge Press.

2004                Yang, Philip. “Generational Differences in Educational Attainment among Asian
                        Americans.” Journal of Asian American Studies 7(1): 51-71.

2004                Bugg, David and Philip Yang. "Trends in Women’s Gun Ownership, 1973-2002."
                        International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice 28(2): 169-188.

2004                Yang, Philip and Nihan Kayaardi. “Who Chooses Non-public Schools for Their 
                        Children?”  Educational Studies 30(3): 231-249.

2004                Yang, Philip, Stephanie Power, Seiji Takaku, and Luis Posas. “Immigration and
                        Ethnic Conflict in Comparative Perspective.” Pp. 89-111 in The Psychology of Ethnic
                        and Cultural Conflict: Looking through American and Global Chaos or Harmony
                        edited by Yueh-Ting Lee, Clark McCauley, Fathali Moghaddam, and Stephen
                        Worchel. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.

2003                Yang, Philip. "Black-White Differential in Support for Immigration." Ethnic Studies
26: 1-27.

2002                Yang, Philip. "Citizenship Acquisition of Post-1965 Asian Immigrants." Population and
Environment 23(4): 377-404.

2002                Yang, Philip and Pamela Solis. "Illegal Drug Use among Asian American Youths
                        in Dallas."  Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse 1(3): 17-38.

2000                Yang, Philip. "The ‘Sojourner Hypothesis’ Revisited."  Diaspora 9(2): 235-258.

2000                Cheng, Lucie and Philip Yang. "Asians: The `Model Minority' Deconstructed" 
                        (abridged version). Pp. 459-482 in Contemporary Asian America: 
                        A Multidisciplinary Reader, edited by Min Zhou and James Gatewood. 
                        New York: New York University Press.

1999                Yang, Philip. "Sojourners or Settlers: Post-1965 Chinese Immigrants."  
                        Journal of Asian American Studies 2(1): 61-91.

1999                Yang, Philip. "Quality of Post-1965 Asian Immigrants." Population and 
                        Environment 20(6): 527-544.

1998                Cheng, Lucie and Philip Yang. "Global Interaction, Global Inequality, 
                        and Migration of the Highly Trained to the United States."
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1996                Cheng, Lucie and Philip Yang. "Asians: The ‘Model Minority’ Deconstructed." 
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                        Mehdi Bozorgmehr. New York: The Russell Sage Foundation.

1994                Yang, Philip. "Ethnicity and Naturalization." Ethnic and Racial Studies 17(4): 593-618.

1994                Yang, Philip. "Explaining Immigrant Naturalization." International
                         Migration Review 28(3): 449-477 (one of the most frequently cited articles in IMR).

1993                Yang, Philip. "The Differential Effects of Husbands' and Wives' Statuses on Marital 
                         Fertility." Population and Environment 15(1): 43-58.                   

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