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Associate Professor
Office: CFO 311
940-898-2067 (fax)


PhD 2002; University of North Texas

Courses Taught


  • Sociology of Disasters
  • Global Inequality
  • Developing Societies
  • Environmental Sociology


  • Research Methods and Design
  • Political Economy of Global Inequality
  • Advanced Methods and Design
  • Sociology of Development
  • Social Statistics 

Selected Publications

  • Kwon, Junehee, Dojin Ryu and Lisa K. Zottarelli. 2007. "Food Handling Practices and Operators' Food Safety Attitudes at Faith-Based Louisiana Organizations that Provided Hurricane Evacuee Shelters in 2005." Food Protection Trends, 27(2): 84-89. 
  • Rajaram, S., Lisa K. Zottarelli, and T.S. Sunil. 2007. "Individual, Household, Program and Community Effects on Childhood Malnutrition in Rural India." Maternal and Child Nutrition, 3:129-140.
  • Rajaram, S., T.S. Sunil, and Lisa K. Zottarelli. 2003. "An Analysis of Childhood Malnutrition in Kerala and Goa." Journal of Biosocial Science, 35: 335-351.
  • Rajaram, S., T.S. Sunil, and Lisa K. Zottarelli. 2009. "An Assessment of Fetal Loss among Currently Married Women in India." Forthcoming in Journal of Biosocial Science.
  • Seward, Rudy Ray, Dale E. Yeatts, and Lisa K. Zottarelli. 2002. "Parental Leave as an Effort to Accommodate Employed Parents and Involve Fathers in Child Care in Sweden and the United States." Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 33(3): 387-399.
  • Seward, Rudy Ray, Dale E. Yeatts, Lisa K. Zottarelli and Ryan Fletcher. 2006. "Fathers Taking Parental Leave and Their Involvement with Children: An Exploratory Study." Community, Work and Family, 9(1): 1-9.
  • Sunil, T.S., S. Rajaram and Lisa K. Zottarelli. 2006. "Do Individual and Program Factors Matter in the Utilization of Maternal Care Services in Rural India? A Theoretical Approach." Social Science and Medicine, 62(8): 1943-1957.
  • Zottarelli, Lisa K. 2008. "Post-Hurricane Katrina Employment Recovery: The Interaction of Race and Place." Social Science Quarterly, 89(3): 592-607.
  • Zottarelli, Lisa K., Colter Ellis and Elizabeth Liebig. 2009. "Rationality and Temporary Public Art: An Exploration of Imposition and Resistance in Temporary Statue Art Events".  Forthcoming in Sociologie de l'art.
  • Zottarelli, Lisa K., T.S. Sunil and S. Rajaram. 2007. "Influence of Parental and Socioeconomic Characteristics on Stunting in Egypt." Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 13(6): 1330-1342.


  • 2009 - "An Exploratory Study of Disaster Evacuation and the Human-Animal Bond: The Case of Hurricane Ike." Texas Woman's University College of Arts and Sciences Research Development Funds. PI: Lisa K. Zottarelli and Sandra Brackenridge. $4813 Awarded.
  • 2007 - "Food Safety Risk Assessment and Development of Education Program for Evacuation Shelters Operated by Faith-Based Organizations." United States Department of Agriculture. PI: Junehee Kwon, Dojin Ryu and Lisa K. Zottarelli. $456,606. Awarded.
  • 2007 - "Pre-Impact Evacuation Planning for Families of Law Enforcement Officers." Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas. Lisa K. Zottarelli and David Bugg. $15,706. Awarded.

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