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Paul D. Bones, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jessica S. Gullion, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Office: CFO 309
Phone: 940-898-2064

Celia C. Lo, Ph.D
Professor of Sociology
Chair of the Department of Sociology and Social Work
Office CFO 306
Phone: 940-898-2052

Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D
Professor of Sociology
Office: CFO 312
Phone: 940-898-2061

James L. Williams, Ph.D
Professor and Criminal Justice Program Director
Office: CFO 311
Phone: 940-898-2051

Philip Q. Yang, Ph.D
Professor and Graduate Program Director
Office: CFO 303
Phone: 940-898-2054

Affiliated Faculty and Research Areas

Cynthia M. Cready
Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair; Ph.D.
Texas A&M University; Quantitative methodology; elder health and care; inequality; marriage and family.

Nicole Dash
Associate Professor and Associate Dean; Ph.D.
College of Public Affairs and Community Service; Florida International University. Sociology of disaster; applied sociology.

Susan Brown Eve
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies; Ph.D.
University of North Carolina. Aging/social gerontology; medical sociology, quantitative methodology.

Gabe Ignatow
Associate Professor; Ph.D.
Stanford University. Text analytics; theory; new media.

Erma Jean Lawson
Associate Professor; Ph.D.
University of Kentucky. Medical sociology; qualitative research methods.

Ami R. Moore
Associate Professor; Ph.D.
Bowling Green State University. Demography; medical sociology; migration and immigration.

Daniel G. Rodeheaver
Associate Professor and Department Chair; Ph.D.
University of Georgia. Sociopolitical ecology; development and social change; crime and terrorism.

Gul Seckin
Assistant Professor; Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University. Medical sociology; aging/social gerontology; mental health; quantitative methodology.

Michael F. Thompson
Assistant Professor; Ph.D.
Indiana University. Economic sociology.

Mark Wardell
Professor; Ph.D.
University of Missouri. Theory; sociology of work and organizations.

David A. Williamson
Associate Professor; Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University. Development; medical sociology; religion.

George Yancey
Professor; Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin. Racial and ethnic relations; religion; sociology of science.

Dale E. Yeatts
Professor; Ph.D.
University of Virginia. Environmental sociology; aging/social gerontology; organizations; Chinese culture/society; self-managed work teams.

Milan Zafirovski
Professor; Ph.D.
Florida International University. Theory, economic sociology, social stratification and change, political sociology/economy, comparative-historical sociology.

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