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About the Student Association for Social Work

The Student Association for Social Work is a forum for networking among all students who are enrolled or interested in the Social Work Program. The organization’s purpose is to promote a sense of community for shared learning, support, and exposure to the profession and to professional social workers who function in diverse practice settings.

The organization’s activities provide a mechanism through which the university becomes aware of social work values and the Social Work Program. Activities include participation in departmental programs, hosting of new social work students, mid-semester study breaks, peer advising, guest speakers, and volunteer service projects.

The organization’s President serves on the Social Work Program Advisory Council and attends three meetings annually. Minimal annual membership dues are collected.

The SASW Officers

  • President: D'Etta Calhoun
  • Vice President: Lauren Marburger 
  • Treasurer: Yaileth Salinas
  • Secretary: Stacy Smith
  • House of Representatives: Alma Vasquez 
  • Food Pantry Coordinator: Hope Nordan 
  • Public Relations Specialist: Christine Sunny 
  • Historian: Jayvin LeBlanc




TWU Food Pantry

Visit the TWU Food Pantry page for the latest updates and needs of the pantry.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at

Advisor: Sandra Brackenridge
Office: OMB 203B
Phone: 940-898-2079

Advisor: Nila Ricks
Office: OMB 200B
Phone: 940-898-2077

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