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Excerpt from Social Work Program Student Handbook

Notes for Major

[No grade lower than C can be counted as credit toward completion of the sequenced social work practice courses.]

A course can be taken up to three times, however for credit only once. The grade used to compute the student’s GPA is the most recent grade earned in the course. After taking a course twice, the student is charged non-resident tuition for all subsequent enrollments in that course. $0 $0Currently students may take up to 45 excess hours over the requirements for their bachelor's degree (typically 120 semester hours for most majors). Thus, for a 120 hour bachelor's degree, a student may take up to 165 semester hours before being charged out of state tuition.

Beginning with entering freshmen in Fall 2006, this limit will be lowered to 30 semester hours. For example, if a person enters TWU as a freshman in Fall 2007, they would be able to take up to 150 hours before being charged out of state tuition (assuming their degree plan required 120 semester hours to complete). Otherwise, they would be allowed the amount that their degree plan requires plus 30 semester hours. Private university and out of state hours are not counted against this limit. Each attempt (that results in a student remaining on a 12th day roll) counts toward this requirement. An exception to this limit is possible for students receiving Pell grants. Developmental courses don't count toward this limit unless a student has taken more than 18 hours of developmental courses. An appeal process is available through the registrar's office.

Offered Electives

Elective courses are selected by the student. Electives during the first sixty hours are generally selected to augment the student’s liberal arts foundation. Electives during the last sixty hours are usually chosen to support the student’s professional goals. Social Work, Sociology and Women’s Studies electives rotate each semester. please see your General Catalog for a current listing of options.

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