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Director's Welcome video

On behalf of the School of Library and Information Studies, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to both incoming and returning students. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my philosophy about graduate school in general, and the program here at TWU.

While in some sense it is all of the following things, graduate school is not just a continuation of college, it is not just about scholarship and writing papers, it is not just becoming immersed in a specific discipline and exploring its environment, and it is not just learning and critical thinking - it is about self-exploration and understanding. Graduate school is not a goal in itself; it is a preparation for and a continuation of your life. As such it entails your knowledge and recognition of what problems are important, both practical and intellectual, and your acquisition and building of tools that will assist in their solution. It is about both your intellectual growth and your development of discipline-specific skills and competencies.   

It is true that having a sense of purpose and managing your time wisely are essential to succeeding in graduate school. But to cope with challenges, and to succeed as human beings, whether as an educator, a leader or a librarian, you do need a vision. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., you need a dream!

Here at TWU's School of Library and Information Studies you will experience the dreams of those who have gone before: Johannes Gutenberg, Melvil Dewey, Andrew Carnegie, S. R. Ranganathan, Vannevar Bush, Tim Berners-Lee, to name a few. You will share in the vision of the faculty and you will fashion the tools to anticipate and to develop your own future. I believe that the most important function of the faculty is to mentor your development. Whether this is done in class, by example, or in fruitful online discussions, it boils down to sharing their love of this field with you. Our chosen field is inherently a collaborative one. We succeed by sharing, whether it is online cataloging, reference networking, or the development of standards. Your colleagues, professors and fellow graduate students, are your best resource, both now and in years to come.

Information is about decision making, and you will be making a lot of decisions while you are here. Information is best understood within the context where the individuals make choices, i.e. utilize the information. You are here by choice, because of your interest in library and information studies. I hope that you will reflect on your own choices as you make decisions on behalf of information users whether theoretically for class or working in the field.

Graduate school is not about taking a passel of individual courses and getting a degree, it is creating a multi-dimensional tapestry inside yourself where the interwoven strands become both instruments of analysis and the foundation for practical decision making. Your time here at TWU is one of both professional and personal growth. Build your life wisely here, by building a personal support network among your faculty, colleagues and fellow students. Explore all the resources available to you, and know that you are never alone. Let's make it a good journey.


Ling Hwey Jeng, Ph.D.

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