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Dr. Judi Moreillon, SLIS Assistant Professor, along with AASL President Susan Ballard, co-edited the just-released book, Best of KQ: Instructional Partnerships: A Pathway to Leadership. Dr. Moreillon states, “Susan and I had the opportunity to select outstanding articles written by scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field. Gleaned from more than a decade of issues of Knowledge Quest, the journal of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), this book attests to the fact that the call to serve in the instructional partner role is not new AND it is timely!” The complete press release is on the ALA website.

According to Dr. Moreillon, “the book is organized in three categories: instructional partnerships in the broad context, research related to instructional partnerships, and classroom-library instructional partnership in action. The authors of the articles in the book provide a framework, research evidence, and examples from their own practice to help school library colleagues take the lead.”

AASL has made the “Coteaching” webinar that Dr. Moreillon and Ms. Ballard facilitated in March 2012 freely available on the web for thirty days. Several authors from the Knowledge Quest (40.4) “Coteaching” issue shared their experiences during the webinar; some of their articles were reproduced in the Best of KQ: Instructional Partnerships monograph. The webinar is on the ALA website

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