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These directions are specifically for working within your MyWeb directory on Pioneer Portal Storage. Files placed in this folder are accessible to the world wide web via your URL.

Everyone has a standard URL. Just plug your information in the highlighted sections:

The username is your Portal login. Index is a recommended name for the first page of your web site, but whatever name you give your pages would go in that spot to access the page directly. Remember to include the extension, which should be either .htm or .html.

For directions on personal file storage, click here.

Uploading Web Pages

If at anytime, you hit the delete link your file is lost. There is no 'undo' function in this MyWeb directory or anywhere inside the Student File Storage; you will have to reload the file from step one.

  1. Log into your portal account.
  2. Click on "My Tools" to access the Student File Storage.
  3. Click on the MyWeb folder (directory).
  4. Click the "File Upload" link in the right corner and browse to find your web files.
  5. Double click your desired file and it will appear in the browse box. NOTE: The first viewable page of your Website must be named index.htm
  6. Click the "File Upload" button to place your file into the MyWeb directory. You will see your file appear under the words Parent Directory inside the MyWeb folder.
  7. To view your uploaded webpage, click on the icon to the left of the file name or click view at the far right.
  8. Your webpage will appear in a separate window. The URL you see in the address box at the top is NOT the URL for your website. It will display a temporary address only.

Important tips to remember

  • The URL for your web page is
  • Please remember to include the entire URL when giving to others to view, otherwise your viewers will get a "page cannot be displayed" error.
  • As long as your first page is named index.htm and all the pages are linked together your site will appear perfectly.
  • Linking can be tricky. Whenever possible, use relative URLs within your web pages. However, if absolute URLs are required, the following 2 formats are the only ones supported by the MyWeb service:
    1. <a href="/~yourusername/yourfile"> originalAttribute="href" originalPath=""/~yourusername/yourfile">" </a>
    2. <a href=""> originalAttribute="href" originalPath=""">" </a>
  • Not only do you have to load the information pages, you must also load any graphics (gif, jpg, bmp) into the MyWeb directory for them to appear.

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