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"Lockout/Tagout" or "LOTO" refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard employees from the unexpected energization or startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.LOTO Locks and Tags

TWU has developed a written program which establishes the minimum requirements for the control of hazardous energy at TWU campuses, and is applicable to the maintenance or service of equipment, machines or systems.  The program requires the development of specific written procedures for each piece of equipment, machine or system (with some limited exemptions), identifing all sources of hazardous energy and how to properly contol them prior to begining work.

No TWU employees may perform maintenance or service work on any equipment, machines or systems without appropriate Lockout/Tagout classroom and hands-on training.  Faculty, staff, and students are prohibited from attempting to start any equipment, machines or systems that have been locked out; and from removing any locks or tags that have been placed by other employees or contractors.

Below are links to the written Lockout/Tagout Program as well as an example of a machine-specific Lockout/Tagout procedure.

Lockout/Tagout Program

Example Machine-Specific LOTO Procedure

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